Nakuru gilrsHistoric Background
Nakuru Girls High School traces its history back to 1922 when the White Settlers conceived a school for their children at the current location. In the year 1927, the ‘Nakuru European School’ was officially commissioned to cater exclusively for children of the White Settlers from the “Western Region” of the then British Colonial Kenya. It was initially a “European Only” School. With the attainment of independence in the year 1963 and following recommendations of the Otiende Commission racial segregation was abolished in the schooling system.

The Nakuru European School was taken

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over by the government and ordered to admit students from all the races. Most White Settlers not wanting their children to learn in the new integrated system moved their children from the school.
The government boosted the enrollments by splitting Kabete Technical School which was initially a “Black only School” and transferring some of its students to Nakuru School.

In 1967, an “A” Level wing was introduced. This was mainly Science oriented. While continuing with its focus on technical education, the school progressively integrated other professional trainings as follows:-
1972    - Formation of a Commercial class to train girls in Secretarial Studies.
1983    - Formation of Accounts class to train towards KASNEB Certification.

In 1986, with the introduction of the 8-4-4 system of education, the Ministry of Education changed the status of the school to a Fully Technical institution, alongside other technical institution like Kabete Technical School, Rift Valley Technical Training Institute.
This status was however; short lived as it was reversed through a Presidential directive and the school reverted to an ordinary school offering the KCSE Curriculum.
In the year 2005, stakeholders who included the then area member of parliament, the late Honorable Mirugi Kariuki, felt that there was need to split the Nakuru High School to two schools; Nakuru Boys and Nakuru Girls.  The 423 girls moved to upper part of the school which is currently Nakuru Girls’ High School.
School Population
The school currently has 972 students.
A teaching staff of 52 teachers. In addition, it has 41
Non-teaching Staff.


 Nakuru Girls High School was already active in the dairy industry, keeping 30 free range cows. Employees from Nakuru introduced zero grazing, …

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